Thomas Cullen

Designer & Developer

Thomas is a designer and web developer from Dublin, Ireland who is currently writing about himself in the third person. I work with companies to design, build and ship products that are both beautiful and easy to use. I have worked in a wide spectrum of positions throughout the last few years; from product design to backend engineering.

Please reach out to me on twitter or via email if you are interested in working together or just want to say hi!

You can see the latest projects I'm working on here, read my code here and get snippets of my thoughts here.

Product Design

Obsessed with pixel perfect products & detailed styleguides

UX Design

Strong passion for bridging the gap between pixels & functionality.

Frontend Development

Experience with multiple frameworks including React.js, Redux, Ember.js, Angular, and Electron.

Backend Development

Years of experience building products & API's with Ruby on Rails and Node.js.